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About the Project

Alice Water Smart Goal:

Alice Water Smart aims to save 1.6 Gigalitres or 1,600 million litres of water over two years. That's 727 Alice Springs Aquatic Centre pools.

This is also equivalent to almost two months average water supply for Alice Springs, so we are trying to reduce water supply by two months on average. That's big! During the two years of the project, Alice Water Smart aims to develop a comprehensive set of water efficiency tools to help the Alice Springs community to maintain this saving each year after the program. 

Download the latest Projects progress update - August 2013

Alice Water Smart Projects

The 8 individual AWS projects are being carried out by the Alice Water Smart consortium partners as follows:

Alice Water Smart Homes

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Helping Alice Springs residents to save water without changing their lifestyle and be smarter with their water use. The Alice...

Alice Water Smart Businesses

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Alice Springs businesses have saved water and now better understand their water use to reduce their bottom line. The Alice Water...

Alice Water Smart Rebates and Retrofits

In partnership with the Department of Land Resource Management, Alice Water Smart temporarily enhanced the existing Central...

Alice Water Smart Parks and Ovals

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Regular irrigation is necessary to maintain our parks and ovals to a standard that is suitable for all sporting and leisure uses...

Alice Water Smart Accommodation

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Tourism NT led the way on this project by working with all accredited hotels, motels, backpackers, serviced apartments and...

Alice Water Smart Reuse

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  Large businesses and institutions south of Heavitree Gap in Alice Springs will soon be taking advantage of...

Alice Water Smart Reticulation

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Power and Water Corporation, which manages the Alice Water Smart Reticulation project is working to identify leaks in over 300...

Alice Water Smart - Smart Meters

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The Alice Water Smart project will help residents and businesses to become even smarter with their water use through the...