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How to Save Water

The Top Six Actions to save water in Alice Springs

All over Alice Springs people are making small changes to their water use with big water saving results. Alice Water Smart has worked with the community to create the Top Six Actions for the greatest impact on water savings, whilst  maintaining our great Alice lifestyle of beautiful gardens, great parks and ovals, and cooling off in the pool.

Implementing the Top Six Actions will help Alice Springs’ non-renewable water supply last longer.

We can all play our part to make Alice water smart by following the Top Six Actions:

  1. Use efficient irrigation and adjust watering times seasonally
  2. Water between 8pm-8am
  3. Schedule watering
  4. Fix leaks quickly
  5. Find hidden leaks
  6. Learn and pass on our skills to be water smart

To learn more about the Top Six Actions and the practical ways you can save water, see the Alice Water Smart Guide or select one of the following areas to start saving water in. 


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