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Garden and Outdoors

Half of Alice Springs water use is residential and over half of this is for garden use. Many gardens and lawns at homes are over-irrigated, particularly through existing automatic irrigation systems that are set at a higher frequency and duration than is necessary.

Garden Design

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How you design your garden will have a big impact on how water smart it is, as well as the general wellbeing of your plants....

Garden Watering Planner

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Alice Water Smart's Garden Watering Planner is now available! Over half of all water saving opportunities identified in Alice...

Irrigation Scheduling

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It is important to understand how much water your garden needs to have healthy plants. Use the Alice Water Smart Garden Watering...

Irrigation Controllers

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Watch this video to learn how to correctly use your irrigation controller and ensure your plants get the water they needed...


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Pools can account for nearly one fifth of a household's water use in Alice Springs. Some pool water evaporates, some leaks and...