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Progress to Date

Water savings are being made through all of the following key Alice Water Smart projects.

Download a copy of the latest Alice Water Smart Progress Update.

As of July 2013 the projects have made the following progress.

 Homes and Businesses

  •  In partnership with the Arid Lands Environment Centre, over 1000 Alice Springs homeowners have had a Water Efficiency Consultation with almost 500 million litres of water savings identified, equivalent to 200 Olympic swimming pools.
  • Over 50 businesses and organisations have had Water Efficiency Audits and almost 400 million litres of water savings have been identified (157 Olympic swimming pools). 
  • Residents and businesses helped develop the Alice Water Smart Guide. This sets out how Alice residents want to use water more wisely.
  • $1,500,000 has been administered in partnership with the Department for Land Resource Management to fund improved indoor and outdoor water efficiency equipment in households, schools, organisations and accommodation providers as well as in developing educational resources.

Parks and Ovals

  • New smart water irrigation technology systems have been installed at 72 parks and ovals across Alice Springs in partnership with the Alice Springs Town Council.
  • The system measures weather elements such as temperature, humidity and rainfall and adjusts water flows and run times for each site to adjust the water required.
  • In one average week in summer the system could potentially save up to 21 million litres or over eight Olympic sized swimming pools.
  • In one year the project will save 80 million litres of water (32 Olympic swimming pools).
  • The first seasonal storm (November 2012) resulted in 14 million litres of water saved.


  • Twenty accommodation providers have had Water Efficiency Audits in partnership with Tourism NT, with over 180 million litres of water savings (72 Olympic pools) identified.

Reuse and Reticulation

  • Power and Water Corporation is constructing new treatment facilitieis to produce higher quality recycled water.
  • A storage tank and pipelines are ready to distribute this recycled water to new users south of The Gap for irrigation use.
  • Leak detection of 200km of large water mains has also been completed resulting in over 50 leaks repaired, saving over 300 million litres.
  • Permanent leak detection and pressure management equipment is being installed around Alice Springs for continuous monitoring.
  • Overall, leak detection and reduction has saved over 330 million litres (130 Olympic pools).

Smart Metering

  • Smart water meters have been installed in homes, businesses and some schools to monitor water use.
  • Smart meters are helping to achieve 860 million litres in residential water savings and 245 million litres in businesses water savings.