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Why save water?

Alice Springs uses water from an ancient underground aquifer system that is not being replenished, that is, it is non-renewable and we are essentially 'mining' a resource that will never be replaced.

In order to preserve this finite water supply for as long as possible Alice Springs has a cap or a limit on the amount of water we can supply the town and that is about 10 gigalitres, (10,000,000,000 Litres) per year. In recent years the town has come very close to using this annual limit. We need to create a water supply buffer below this limit to make Alice Springs' water supply more sustainable for the future, accounting for seasonal variations and to provide more resilience against the uncertainties of climate change.

Power and Water is currently mining the water supply from about 150-160 metres below the surface and each year the water level drops by an average of one metre. And the deeper you go, the quality of the water is reduced. So as each year passes Power and Water need to invest in more bores, bigger pumps and more energy to supply water to the Alice Springs community. As the cost of equipment, electricity and water is rising, and the reliability of water supply becomes more uncertain, we need to protect the life of the water source that helps us to maintain our unique lifestyle. Historically Alice uses more water per household than any other town in Australia. Whilst there are some valid reasons to expect higher water use in a place with such extreme climate conditions, there is lots scope for us to use water more wisely. 

See what Andy Hood (AFL NT Regional Manager) our Alice Water Smart Ambassador has to say about saving water in Alice Springs)

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